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The Open Workout takes place in the main workout area of the venue and showcases that Calisthenics is truly for everybody.

The workout area has multiple parks with coaches from local and international calisthenics gyms and communities. Park will highlight different exercises and aspects of Calisthenics and you can freely switch between the parks so you can find the best fit for you. Pick a park and get active!

Workout Area 1

17:00 - 18:30

09:00 to 14:00
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BarBabes is the biggest community for calisthenics for women in the Netherlands. We  help, inspire and motivate women (to start) with calisthenics. All exercises and skills are adjustable to all levels. Complete beginner without any experience to advanced, everyone is welcome to join!


We are Caliclub, the largest Calisthenics association in the Northern Netherlands and have one of the largest Calisthenics outdoor gym in the Netherlands. We specialize in explaining advanced calisthenics exercises at an easy level. so everyone can learn Calisthenics. On February 25/26 we will give a workshop in the Amsterdam Rai. Be there when you want to learn a muscle up or handstand!


IPitup presents the ACTIVITY BENCH, compact street furniture that facilitates a unique range of physical exercises. An all-in-one tool to develop and activate movement-friendly urban spaces. Recognised by the EU as an innovative practice to lower the threshold to physical activity.

Urban Sky

Urban-sky specializes in designing and building obstacles for OCR (obstacle-run) / Ninja events and training locations. We are also active in the Survival Run market. Our working area extends from Norway to Switzerland. Our customers include Strong Viking, Red Bull, Harbor run and we also supply to the European and World Championships.