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We are Freesthenicsgym and we provide calisthenics and performance training. We pay attention to the form and teach the exercises and techniques in a way that everyone can understand with as much patience as possible. Take control of your body and mind and become the stronger person you've always wanted to be.


13:30 to 15:00
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We are ExtremeBeasts, currently certainly the most famous community in the Netherlands. Every month, somewhere in the Netherlands, we organize a session for the community that attracts an average of 50-60 people per month, with peaks of up to 100 people at a time. We were born out of passion and that is still our vision to grow the calisthenics community, come together, connect and enjoy.


Barstarzz is one of the longest running calisthenics communities on the sport. Their many years of experience will bring a lot of valuable insights to help you with your training.


IPitup presents the ACTIVITY BENCH, compact street furniture that facilitates a unique range of physical exercises. An all-in-one tool to develop and activate movement-friendly urban spaces. Recognised by the EU as an innovative practice to lower the threshold to physical activity.

Urban Sky

Urban-sky specializes in designing and building obstacles for OCR (obstacle-run) / Ninja events and training locations. We are also active in the Survival Run market. Our working area extends from Norway to Switzerland. Our customers include Strong Viking, Red Bull, Harbor run and we also supply to the European and World Championships.

Animal Flow

Animal Flow is ground based movement, fun, challenging and effective. This system is designed to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination for any fitness enthusiast.